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    Installation Guide

    Step 1-2

    Slide mounting shank through sink from above, then slide the shank through the rubber washer , then through the steel support washer. (make a hole with a drill if theres no hole already).

    Step 3-4

    Ensure base is aligned with sink and outlet extends into basin prior to fully tightening mounting nut.

    Step 5-6

    Then link the section at 1/2 of the inlet pipe to the pipeline of the glass rinser.

    Determine whether you wish for your new glass rinser to be supplied by cold or hot water. Unthread existing faucet supply line from angle stop on the chosen side. Thread provided tee onto angle stop in place of the supply line that was disconnected in the previous step. Thread both the faucet supply line and the 3/8" end of provided supply line to tee.Thread the 1/2" end of provided supply line to mounting shank. Wrench may be used on shank flats to avoid rotation. When supply line is installed, check alignment and retighten mounting nut.

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