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    Reusable Pee Mats-Eco-friendly

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    Reusable Pee Mats-Eco-friendly
    Let's do the simple math. If you go through 2-3 pee pads a day with your pet, that's close to 1000 sheets a year!! And that is only coming from you!!

    You can now cut down on so much waste with these reusable pee mats!! A few sheets of PET MATS vs countless disposables... It is definitely a much more sustainable option!😻

    Soft Top Layer: Provides comfort to your pets should they choose to use it to rest on.
    Absorbent Middle Layer: Allows urine/fluid to be absorbed and retained quickly. Able to hold up to 27oz (almost an entire liter)
    Waterproof Bottom Layer: Ensures no leakage of urine/fluid from the bottom of the pad.


    Apart from using these mats as a substitute for disposable pee pads, they also have many other functions! Use them to protect your furniture and surfaces from accidents or even as a comfy mat for your pet to rest on!
    How do I train my puppy to use the mats?
    The same way you train them to use disposables! Set a designated area for their potty training and lead them to the area during the time(s) they need to go (e.g. after a meal). If they are already trained to go on disposables, simply put the mats on top of the disposables and encourage them to use it. You will be able to stop using disposables in no time!
    Will my Pet get confused with regular mats at home?
    Absolutely not! As long as there is a designated area for them to relief themselves, they will learn soon enough! Just like how they learn to use disposables only, they will recognize these mats as well.

    Can small animals use these mats?
    Yes, definitely! They are perfect for small animal enclosures too. We have a wide range of sizes to suit all sizes of enclosures!
    Easily wash them by machine wash or hand wash and reuse them again!
    They are machine washable for over 200 times!
    We recommended to hang them and let them dry to prolong durability. The mats dry very easily!

    *Do note that mats of the Pastel Series cannot be tumble dried.

    Common Questions

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    Yes, the pouch is specially designed to keep your pet safe and secure while you're on the go.

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